About Trial Analysis Group

Trial Analysis Group, located in Palo Alto, California, is a consortium of psychologists (social and clinical) and legal experts, all of whom have spent some portions of their careers at Stanford University. Organized in the mid-seventies, Trial Analysis Group specializes in the development of trial strategy, preparation of opening and closing statements, and other aspects of trial preparation including focus group testing and witness preparation, as well as jury selection.

Many of our major cases have involved issues of intellectual property (patent validity and infringement, trade secrets, copyright claims, etc), finance, and anti-trust in high technology industries. Early cases we worked on in this domain include the IBM anti-trust litigation and Intel v. AMD; it was in this litigation that many of the Trial Analysis Group’s innovative ideas about the application of social, cognitive, and clinical psychology to complex litigation were developed and first tested.  Since then members of the Group have worked on cases in many other domains including job discrimination, product liability, medical malpractice, and other tort actions

Trial Analysis Group recently has expanded its services to include dispute resolution and mediation. Cases mediated to successful resolution by the Group’s members include the following: Astrup v. City of Alameda, In re the Matter of Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services and West Oakland Health Council, Collins v. County of Alameda, Jane Does v. County of Alameda.  Members of the Group, most notably Lee Ross, have also done a great deal of pro-bono work in international and intergroup conflict resolution, both in the United States and in the Middle East and Northern Ireland.